Ironlak Hong Kong Distributor

Ironlak 產品介紹:
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 ::Purchase Method::

1. Visit our store at Tai Kok Tsui workshop. (booking in advance)

2. Visit our dealers shop located at Mongkok & Wan Chai.
Hong Kong Art Supplies Professional
75-77 Bute Street, Mong Kok, KLN.
九龍旺角弼街75-77 號地下
Tel: 852 23900228

The Artland Co. Ltd
3/F, Lockhart Centre, 301-307 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, H.K.
Tel: 852 2511 4845

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For more information about Ironlak, please visit their website:


I heard that Ironlak; is bad for your health compared to other brands/ contains lead/ is illegal in Europe/ contains cheap and thus deadly ingredients?
相比其他品牌,我聽聞Ironlak 含有鉛及其他有害物質?

Short answer: Ironlak is no more toxic and in some cases less toxic than other brands. However, spray paint fumes are not good for you regardless of what brand you use. You should always wear a mask and gloves when painting. Ironlak does NOT contain lead. Ironlak is registered with REACH in Europe and is 100% complient with the new European Chemical Laws. Ironlak uses quality pigments and ingredients which we source from around the globe. We grind our pigments four times.
Ironlak 是很少有害物質以及在某些情況下比其他品牌更少有害物質。但無論是什麼噴漆,當中的的微粒對人體都是有害的。因此在進行噴塗時應該帶上防毒口罩及手套。Ironlak 是不含鉛的,而且Ironlak 已經在歐洲的 REACH 中註冊,因此Ironlak 是百分百合乎歐盟的化學條例。Ironlak 採用從世界各地收集的高質素的顏料及成分。


The nozzle clogged when I just bought the cans? 我新買的噴漆的噴頭被陼塞了?

Short answer: Some of the colors are easily to block the nozzle due to the thickness of Ironlak . We recommend you to shake well the spray can(at least 1 minutes) and buy a ultra fat nozzle(blue in color) from our store. By using the fat nozzle to “blow out” the junk from the first time you use, and you can simply replace it by the pink dot to use in the future.
這是由於Ironlak 的噴漆的質地比較厚的原因,因此我們建議閣下先 將噴漆搖最少一分鐘,以及在我們的零售商購買一個藍色的噴頭。當你第一次使用的時間,先用藍色的噴頭把噴漆中的”溶液” 釋出,然後再將粉紅色的噴頭放回即可使用!